Meritin International  team supply trained professional sales teams for a number of industries, in particular –

· Energy efficiency

· Energy retailing

· Financial services

· Telecommunications

· Manufacturing

As advertising and marketing is all about impact and exposure, our role is to create a positive impact for the clients we represent.

By exposing their products directly to the buyers, our goal on behalf of our clients is simple – to help them grow by providing them with an edge over the competition.

We are able to deliver a unique and powerful service presented to the marketplace on behalf of our clients. One that provides a customised image with a personal touch, while successfully-


· Creating massive exposure

· Increasing the client's customer base

· Increasing turnover

· Being cost efficient

· Providing excellent customer service

We realise that acquiring a customer in today's competitive business world can be challenging and expensive. Meritin International can provide a professional, results driven and diverse sales team. One that will provide your customers with a personal touch while representing your core business values.


Meritin International

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